Excitement!  Joy!  

Discovering and learning often bewildering yet spine-tingling digital tools in 2014 opened up the possibility of keeping up with my racing mind (almost) and stimulating or documenting (sort of) a deluge of wild ideas. It all bodes well for the upcoming year although it would be the height of absurdity and incredibly naive to make plans or predictions.  

Ergo, I have no clear resolutions for 2015; I revolve in the spirit of "NOW", zigzag like sperm with crappy motility; climb mountains of texture with cameras and emboss tools; clone like a frenzied scientist enamoured with sheep; split wrinkles and patterns into harem veils; collage, smudge, add splatters of colour and blow gusts of wind! 

I write in the present, wallow in a potent bubble bath of peace, sing with wailing cats in heat.  I'm in Qu├ębec...can you hear cold wintry gusts penetrate the silence of this early New Year's day?  Feel my icebox feet as I type these words?  It's positively hypnotic. No egg-spectations!  Have a wonderful year and thanks for reading my blog.  I"m off for a hot cup of lemon tea.