Happy holidays!


In the spirit of this celebratory season, I wish (in the immortal words of beauty pageant contestants) for "world peace"...as if peace on our planet could ever be possible.

Is my derisive side showing? I usually try and squish surfacing cynicism; who needs all that negative energy?  

It's just that things don't seem to get any better when it comes to achieving peace, regardless of how enlightened and educated we are. The idea of a global village sounds great in theory, but we are a tribal bunch. If Joe wears pink shoes and Bob doesn't, which one is weird?  Depends on what their respective tribes wear. 

When viewing Chris Hadfield's stunning photographs of earth taken from space, it quickly becomes apparent that we are not especially important, merely infinitesimal specks on a dazzling grain of sand in one of countless universes.  

Tribes belong in a parade.

Drip, drip water blue,
rinse the blood red rage adieu.