I've been so busy the last few months that my blog thoughts have had to simmer on the back burner. I've undertaken various projects so I'll start with this one which began innocently enough back in September 2021.

I'm in an artist group of five, Les Sorcières de Soulanges, that meets every now and then. Sometimes we just have lunch, other times we take part in art workshops just for fun. Last year we participated in a clay workshop with André Leroux Potier because two members of our group were already creating there.

This little fella, Red Claws, was the first sculpture I made in the workshop. I glazed him but quickly realized that in future, I wanted to handpaint my creations and add things to them as well. I am definitely NOT a clay purist.

Different views.  


Mother of Pearl was more ambitious. I initially painted her pearly white which led to my sticking pearls all over her. I added other colours mixed with pearl medium but I must admit she looked at me as though she was tired of metamorphosing. ENOUGH ALREADY!


I have a friend Claudine Ascher who is an amazing clay sculptor. She invited me to create something in her studio and Three Left Feet was born. Below is a little video that shows him from all sides. He's a god with golden wings of course! Kind of clumsy though, his having five feet and all.




I bought a box of clay and attempted a bigger work. I dreamt (seriously) of dripping paint all over this figure. Someone told me that Miss Drippy reminded them of ice cream with chocolate sauce. Interesting association.


The next incarnation was more complex because I experimented with a garlic press that I used as an extruder. Below are various views of my Feathered Hybrid. I used white Pebeo Relief Outliner to create a plucked chicken look.

I only had a small amount of clay left so naturally the final piece is diminutive but extremely complex.  I spent two days painting Mushroom Friends with a teensy brush.


Another view

The Kunst Kabinett project came about because Gueulart, an artist run gallery that I am a member of, organised an outdoor sculpture show in St-Isidore-de-Laprairie. I wanted to participate in order to show what I had recently completed but my sculptures were way too tiny to be left outside in the elements and they were also prime candidates for theft.

The concept I ran with was way out of my comfort zone, a big deal of my own making but luckily I had help. You may have deduced by now the my Kunst Kabinett is a Cabinet of Curiosities and the curiosities within are my funky clay sculptures. 

More to come in Part 2.