Despite all the time available to me during the pandemic, strangely, I have not felt like writing. Instead, I've been making art and experimenting with new applications on my iPad. Art projects and shows that were postponed in 2020 are scheduled once again and new ones are also coming to light. I will be getting a Covid 19 vaccine soon and hope that life will become a bit easier if not completely normal. That may take a few years. I just want to be around, adding to my already huge art inventory.

My work over the last few months has mirrored my state of mind. Moods and coping mechanisms vary from day-to-day and themes recur unconsciously. Similarities become obvious only in retrospect. 

Here is Gaol, pronounced "jail". For some curious reason, Grover from Sesame Street popped into my head as I included the word gaol on this digital print. G Grover - G George has become an ever-present ear worm. Oh how I amuse myself!

I went through a bird period for a while, which I touched upon in a previous post. I must have been looking at our flying friends with envy. How wonderful to zoom above the pandemic, to remain untouched and free.

I spent nineteen days on this charcoal drawing "Nineteen Selves in Lockdown". I am the only model at my disposal right now so I forgive my fall into self-absorption.

The following work "Confinement Piercings" surfaced after rubbing some charcoal and pastel dust on paper. This piece was so much fun to do. Surrealism often rears its offbeat head during difficult times.



My next project involves a daily visual journal in Keynote where, using selfies, I will document living in partial isolation in 2021. January started out conservatively as I was learning to use the application on my iPad. February is a tad more funky and I hope to be even better in March. I will join all the videos at the end of the year assuming, because that's all one can do nowadays, I'm still around by then. I've become even more aware of how fragile life is over the past year and appreciate each day that I'm able to create and more importantly, share with you.