Managing the ups and downs of confinement during the pandemic is a challenge. Intellectually, I know self-isolation is the only way to protect myself and those around me from the coronavirus but emotionally, I'm a primate who needs some degree of social interaction. Oh to be in a dense rainforest snuggling up to a group of lazy, hairy, warm gorillas. In my fantasy, they don't smell.

Although I love to get lost in a book or a TV series that takes place in an exotic location, I could use the mishmash of real life. Daily sameness has a negative impact on the psyche. Artists are stimulated by their environment and new experiences feed creativity.

Technically though, the pandemic qualifies as a "novel adventure". That's my mantra on days when I don't feel like making art. I tell myself that monotony is fuelling some future masterpiece that I will create IF I'm lucky enough to survive accidental exposure to the dreaded bug. I really, really want to turn into a wizened, wildwoman artist with an attitude.

Bleach is now part of my disinfection repertoire. I wonder what would happen if I tried to antisepticize some of my old artwork? Boy oh boy, talk about grasping at straws!

Stay safe everyone!