I'm not a geologist but there are times when rocks are very important to me. Perfect ones for crawling under tend to be smooth and resemble a big, arc-shaped boulder. Sometimes the rocks I find are way too small and I end up looking like this.

Here's an edited version of a little story I wrote last night. 

"Crawling under a rock can be a good thing. Normally the geological formation in question has a hole I can squirm into. It's dark and moist inside and usually cool. I might find a bug or two in the earth, maybe even a worm. I'm not crazy about either bugs nor worms but even rock therapy isn't perfect. The earth feels good against my skin, moisture loves my cheeks. Maybe I can shed a tear or two.  

When I am under a very small rock, my butt and bare feet stick out. This means that people can walk by and kick me or step on my toes. I might not care at first but after a while, it will get on my nerves. I'll squeeze out from under my rock and kick them back. Then they'll leave me alone and I can go back to where I came from."