Occasionally, a surprisingly bright red cherry drops into life's lemonade. It serves as a reminder that after rough spots, things tend to improve until the next challenge.

Thanks to my youngest son, I have a new studio space for the upcoming year. It's much more spacious than my home studio, airy and bright, a ten minute drive from my abode. Three easels, loads of canvases waiting to be finished or started, paper and other materials along with my musicbox are in there now.

I'm getting used to the room. I set up things one way, start to work and quickly proceed to move paper and canvas around until all feels right. Music helps me reconnect to my creative headspace. What a luxury! Thank you dear Francis!

I was a bit frustrated last year because I kept tripping over my stuff as I was working and had difficultly moving from one piece to another while paint was drying on a particular work. There was no room to back up and view things from a distance. 

My dream has come true, a larger, well-lit space with room to breathe. This experiment will surely determine the kind of studio I will be seeking next year when this run is over. There's no going back now!


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