We are living through another disaster in Eastern Canada, another hundred or thousand year flood (the second in three years). These calamities keep happening because of freaky weather conditions.

As water surrounds our home, I realize that we are lucky within the parameters of our bad luck. We have not had to evacuate. That's a biggie, and even as dampness plays a painful game with my joints, I choose to remain positive though thoroughly exhausted. Floods last a long time, they build quickly enough but seem to take forever to recede.

Deep in my psyche I'm angry and frustrated with those who don't believe in climate change. We choose to elect representatives who ignore the long term consequences of human behaviour. Until catastrophes hit us personally, we close our eyes and refuse to see. A few streets from where I live, everything is normal. Water only comes out of a tap. I can almost hear music from the 'Twilight Zone".

The planet feels different. Whether we want it to or not, eventually nature will insist that we blend into the environment.


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  2. We are blended into the environment. The problem is, as you said, that so many deny it or pretend they don't know it or use science and technology to try to tear us out of it, causing conflict and disconnect and indifferent to it until they themselves are subject to the consequences. They'll 'repent' on their death beds, the ultimate act of selfishness and self-interest, and a useless exercise for all those they leave behind.

    1. We shouldn't be leaving a mess for our children to clean up, and that's hoping that they can.


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