I haven't written much lately because I'm involved in a number of time consuming projects. An artist's life is either feast or famine. The feast stage is definitely more fun. I would hazard a guess that the same amount of stress is involved in both scenarios but famine stress sucks way more.

I am part of a new artist group, well not that new, we blended together about a year and half ago. We call ourselves LE CERCLE NEUF, The Circle of Nine or The New Circle (neuf means either nine or new en français). Members of our group Richard Caplette, Manon Côté, Stéphan Daigle, Annouchka Gravel Galouchko, Francine Vernac, Gabriel Lalonde and myself have been around the block a few times. Opportunities abound for emerging (cringe) and mid-career artists but there are fewer out there for established artists. We decided to tackle the issue head on. 

Photo: Linda Lambert

Where are the Guerrilla Girls when you need 'em? We have not yet donned animal heads but who knows what lies ahead. As they say in french, "l'union fait la force" (there is strength in numbers). 

We are very loosely knit, still finding our bearings but that may not always be so. Initially we were nine, now we are seven. YES we are from Canada and NO we are not the Group of Seven. We will probably not always be seven but that our magic number at the moment. 

The opening of our first exhibition as a "group" Temporal Shift - Le Temps Dérape happened on Sunday at La Galerie de la Ville. Curator Claudine Ascher had quite a challenge on her hands because our styles are quite different but she pulled off a coup. The installation is beautiful and we received extremely positive feedback about the show. 

The exhibition runs until the 18th of November 2018. We invite you to visit and please leave your feedback in the guestbook.