Malls are busy places. Thousands saunter through the crowded shops as a diversion, some rush through to get what they want in a hurry, others take the time to sit and observe a parade of cultures, meet for a chat and coffee or throw money into the wish fountain.  Children holler for gelato, popcorn, or some special toy.

No one comes expecting to view art.

Claudine Ascher, curator/artist saw an opportunity in one of our busiest malls, Fairview Pointe Claire. She noticed an empty store that had everything an art show requires, bleached metallic grids on every white wall (no nails required), amazing lighting, and a beautiful hardwood floor. She approached the powers that be to see if her idea could become a reality and managed to rent the space for one month. Her philosophy? If you don't try, you don't get.

SHE GOT!!!  Ascher makes things happen. 

She had only one week to get things organized. She also had to have a sign made according to the mall's specifications.  Simple but elegant, here is L'ART CHEZ SOI (ART AT HOME).

The space on April 8th before we opened the doors.

Approximately 1000 people visited during the vernissage.

The 8 works works per artist are varied in style and beautifully hung. The viewer's eye seamlessly flows from one artist's work to the other. The reaction to this "hit and run" event has been overwhelmingly positive. Visitors tell us how refreshing it is to have this kind of experience within the confines of a mall. Ascher has managed to bring art to all, no small feat.

An event not to be missed!

This exceptional show runs until this Friday, April 28th. We look forward to your visit!