I had a plan, I truly did, but lost it somewhere in the messy recesses of my mind.  Dust bunnies are everywhere.  Where's the brain vacuum?

It amazes me how ideas flow like crazy when I'm thinking about projects.  I envisage the evolution of a jaw dropping works based on sophisticated, multilayered concepts.   Brush strokes flow this way and that, my colours are rich and vibrant....and then...and then????
Starting something is easy, finishing is hell.  

I'm experienced enough to know that the best way to get beyond a blank piece of paper or canvas is to defile it in some way.  A line, spot, shape or tear will inevitably inspire, not necessarily in the direction that I initially have in mind but that's okay.  I've learned not to care too much, to go with the flow.  Often the universe has better solutions or new processes to teach me.

This time though, I'm a tad frustrated because I want a plan, an outline, a beginning and an end. I want to incorporate these principles into the piece I'm doing because something sequential has to happen.

I'm being purposely vague about the project because I don't want to jinx it.  I've created multiple elements that I have to somehow combine into a cohesive whole...or not!   Actually a funky, disjointed result might be a lot more interesting.

Only hell will tell.