Like most information stops on major highways, the "the Relais touristique de L'Île-Perrot (Île-Perrot Tourist Centre)" has a large parking area and compact building.  Inside displays are filled with maps and colourful brochures.  While the floor plan is small, ceilings tend to be high and empty.  Tina Struthers and I were chosen to jazz up the upper atmosphere.

The "Relais touristique" went through a major transformation...from this... this!  

Marianne Segouin-Lebel, in charge of the project, had the walls repainted in two shades of yellow.  This brightened up the space considerably.  

Prior to take off:

After installing our initial flock on July 5th, Tina and I decided that we needed a few more flying fowl to make the installation work.  I worked on a paper and lace bird with an unusual wingspan and concentrated on getting beautiful transparency effects.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of it in the light.

Tina created two more birds, one in fabric only and another large one in a combo of fabric, paper and lace (designed for a stand).  Two days before the opening, we brought in the extras.  Installing the last few seemed to take forever, we wanted everything to look and feel right.  

A description of the project was posted on the wall.

Day of the vernissage

While all concerned parties were getting ready for the opening, a tourist walked in.  Her eyes and smile widened as she slowly scanned the ceiling confirming that this "Relais" was undeniably unique, fun and festive.  

Welcome to Québec!

Here are some pictures of the event.  Enjoy!  We certainly did!

On the left, Tina's big, beautiful bluebird