"No one reads anymore!"

....that's what a marketing whiz recently told me as we discussed the best ways for artists to promote themselves.  Although my hairs stood on end, I had to admit to that his advice was targeted and wise.  One of Picasso's process videos is now a national treasure.

The advantages of video demonstrations are obvious.  I refer to them myself when I want a quick overview of a "how to", but I also get frustrated when video tries to teach me something at a speed that rivals that of a jet airplane.  I was interested in learning animation software a few months ago.  No written material was provided, only quickie video tutorials.  I ached for a text where I could take the time to learn particular step before moving onto the next one.  "Stop the video!" I hear you cry, but it isn't like reading.  Old habits die hard.

As an educator, I feel that learning is best approached by stimulating as many of the senses as possible. There are many ways to assimilate information: seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, trying, smelling, tasting, repeating, memorizing, and practicing.  Video remains part of a whole.

I refuse to acknowledge the "death" of reading.  Unhurried and deliberate acquisition of knowledge via a book is a magical experience.  The smell and feel of paper, its constant visual presence on a bookshelf remains unrivalled.  Give me a small funky bookstore to spend an afternoon in any day.

BUT, and it's a big BUT, video offers excitement.  It's alive!  I love seeing Picasso play with paint and occasionally peer goofily into the camera.  A genius self-marketer, he understood the power of film. 

With cellphones, anyone can create a moving image.  Mark Zuckerberg says he wouldn't be surprised if in five years, video content is all that people will share on a day-to-day basis.

So here is my first attempt.  Interestingly, I had more views on my artist Facebook page from this video than from any previous post.  This Brussels Sprout Head painting "in progress" appears on YouTube.  If you go there via this blogpost, I will assume that reading is still alive and kicking.


  1. Wow! Brussels sprout being U-Tubed = artist as Superhero! Faster than a speeding reader!
    Go Diane Go!


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