La la la la la la la la la la la la...she thinks she's in control!

Her eyes are dry.
Her brain is mush.
Her lists are long.


  1. Make "sucre à la crème" for everybody and their brother.  (Secondary List 2:  Buy butter, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, evaporated milk).  Wreck the first couple of batches.  Have partner lick up pan of hard toffee.  Start again.  Rub stirring arm with anti-pain gel that evening.
  2. Make shortbread cookies (Secondary List 3:  Buy more butter, icing sugar, maraschino cherries, flour (white, unbleached).  Rub kneading arms with anti-pain gel that evening.
  3. Find tree/decorations in crawl space. Put up and decorate tree.  Rub crawling muscles with anti-pain gel the next day.
  4. Find and hang the friggin' wreath.  
  5. Try to decide which works to hang for show in government building next week.
  6. Prepare list of tags and bio for exhibit.  Decide on other works.  Change and retype the tag list. Decide on other works.  Retype the stupid list.  Email to organization.
  7. Hang exhibit.  Rub sore arms and upper back with anti-pain gel that evening.
  8. Finish small painting required for show in February.  Repaint small painting.
  9. Take down show at another space.  Unpack works from hatchback.  Wrap works for storage.  Buy more masking tape.
  10. Make a mix of various varnishes to obtain a perfect result.  Varnish three paintings.  Hate the result.
  11. Dye roots.  Make holiday streaks.  Contemplate having a pink one and forget about it.
  12. Reflect on what to eat at holiday gatherings.  Fall back on Mexican favourite, Mazatlan Madness. Turkey?  What turkey? 
  13. Reflect on wine, beer and other unhealthy beverages.  Buy the usual.
  14. Attend various holiday gatherings and secretly reflect on lists.
  15. Advance large pen and ink drawing which will take weeks to finish.  (What WAS I thinking?)
  16. Create and email e-Holiday card that will end up in everyone's spam folder.
  17. Write blog entry before Christmas.  This is it!
  18. Finish Pig Pub painting. Almost done!  Why is there always a last bit that begs for another solution? (Part of work in progress below).

Accomplished this week:

  • Made my first "sucre à la crème" last night.  It's ready to cut into bite sized pieces.  I didn't wreck the first batch.  YAY!  
  • Wrapped and put away some paintings from a previous show.  Had to take everything out from the heated storage space first.  Kitchen reappeared.
  • My partner painted my office walls but trim still needs doing. Other rooms will reappear after the job is finished.

  • Went to a holiday party and actually managed to forget my list.
  • Prepared video on my creative process for Creative Mondays. This is the result.  Enjoy!  

I'm off to retype my list of tags!


  1. Ah the life of the artist - multitasking in a mess with feeling but the end result absolutely worth it. You can call it The Passionate Oink!

    1. I love that! The Passionate Oink! There's a painting in there somewhere!


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