Twig and ink?  Why not?

Primitive drawing tools such as reed pens and twigs yield fascinating results.  They are gesture's best friend. The key is to stay loose and to work quickly.  

Twigs often have rough ends, which can cause lines to double or become (for lack of a better word), hairy. For those like myself who value contrast, nature's tools are gifts from the deities.

The important thing is to keep playing with whatever is at hand.  Basic materials cost nothing.  One can reconnect historically (and perhaps empathize) with art's origins.  Our primitive ancestors had little to work with, yet managed to create mysterious, powerful masterpieces in caverns.

Twig and India ink on rice paper

I used various tools (a combo experiment) for the ink drawing on rice paper (left) including twigs, reed pens, brushes and archival markers.  I then opted for some digital fun.

If weather permits, I'll be raking up more leaves tomorrow (about 30 bags and counting thus far), but I'm also going to be on the lookout for another magical twig.  Some of the drawings in my head need a blast from the past.



  1. It's wonderful to see inventiveness blended with research blended with an openness to possibilities. Too many tools and materials are discarded in favour of 'the new', and people are seduced into thinking it's the tool that makes the art. In an artist's hands like yours, there is NO limit!


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