Restrict!  Sanitize!  Suppress!  These are words that artists hear in one way or another throughout their careers.

My  initial reaction is generally one of shock.  I mostly make humorous work, (naturally it's funny to me), but as I discovered while writing my masters thesis years ago, what is laughable to one person may not be laughable to another.  Sometimes people just don't get the joke.

Whenever something bugs me, 
I play it over and over on the little record player 
stored deep within the recesses of my mind.  
The grooves get deeper and deeper.  
I don't stream.

Some, (generally administrators), feel it is their duty protect 
the sensibilities of the public at large.  (I sense that they are merely safeguarding 
their inculpable butts from potential criticism, but hey, what do I know?)  
God forbid that viewers be forced to reflect on what they see, 
or react with passion.

Life is beyond absurd at times and I have the soul of a visual ironicist/satirist.  I point out absurdities, find character, layer observations, and disguise emotions.

I decided years ago to look for the positive in any situation.  It's not always easy but well worth the effort. Life's too short to get upset over small-mindedness.

Go ahead!  
Remove my pictures from your wall!  
 Little old me has just kindled a reaction. 
I've done my job. 
It will give you something to talk about at the water cooler.