Two events are coming up in early August.  They are off the beaten track in terms of artistic opportunities making them doubly interesting.  

The first is an exhibition of large works, which will be shown sequentially in two different senior's homes off the island of Montreal.  I will also be giving workshops to the residents, one in September and one in October.  The event is part of a project that aims to provide the elderly with "live" cultural experiences including music and art.  Quality of life and continuous learning is important at any age.  

Tags and my list of works are almost done (I keep changing my mind as to what I want to bring) and I'm planning how to load my trusty hatchback to ensure the schlepp, unloading and installation unfold as efficiently as possible.

Chaos reigns in my abode. Paintings rest against walls, some wrapped, some not.  There is still so much to do, edges to paint, labelling, and throughout all this, continued creation.  You have to admire people who live with artists. Their level of patience is superior to most.

The workshops are still at the embryonic stage but my subconscious noodle is hard at work, aiming to come up with something that will stimulate and entertain.

The other event takes place in a magnificent vineyard.  I went for a preliminary visit and was astonished to discover this elegant operation twenty minutes from my abode.  The owners are obviously interested in art and have partnered with an association of sculptors to show large works on their property year round. The number of exhibited sculptures grows annually in concert with the grapes.

The event takes place every weekend from August 8th until September 20th. I will be there the weekend of August 8th and 9th.

2-D artists will be showing their work within the confines of a large white tent.  I'm not usually a fan of art fairs, (they feel a bit like flea markets to me), but previous participants have told me the experience is unusual and convivial.   There's a great deal of camaraderie among the artists, and let's not forget that this is after all, a winery...nectar of the gods and goddesses will surely flow.  

The event is in its fourth year and growing exponentially from a tourism standpoint.  Good for the winery, good for the artists.

Besides showing and selling available paintings, artists create a work onsite. Tables are provided but I will bring an extra one.  Smaller rather than larger paintings are recommended.  

I've been in full production and I'm starting to pack.

Yikes!  My mind is in frantic list mode.

  • Bricks and rope (yeah I know, sounds odd but things have to be weighed down and anchored otherwise they do a Wizard of Oz thing).
  • White tablecloths (I was told neutral white is best, hello Walmart).
  • Business cards
  • Canvas, paints, water container
  • Works (preferably transportable in boxes).
  • Easels
  • CV
  • Scissors
  • Lunch
  • Identifying sign saying who I am (in case I forget).
  • Bill book 
  • Extra folding table
  • Chair 

The list is far from complete.  I have yet to wire new paintings so they can be hung on a metallic grid. I've been slipping my limited edition digital prints into elegant presentation envelopes.  Lookin' good.

Getting ready for two events that will be happening a couple of days apart is a tad nerve wracking but I'm looking forward to both. 

I just hope the weather cooperates during the vineyard event.  It would be a bummer having to spend the entire weekend in an anorak and rubber boots pondering the effects of climate change.