Here is an interesting article in the online journal Bmoreart about how to define the different stages of an artist's career.  Three labels pop up time and again: emerging, mid-career and established.  According to this article, I have probably been emerging for over 35 years.  

I'm like a worm stuck in clay.  The stuff is packed down so damn hard that it's difficult to squeeze through, no matter how wet and saturated it is.

I'm leaving my day job in a few days.  It's a time of great, exciting turmoil, a passage riddled with calculated risks.  My business side is transforming.  As an artist who can now produce art "whole hog", I am possibly fated to a life of crass, shameless self-promotion.  Interestingly, I've been coaching others on how to do this for almost ten years, helping professionals who have lost their jobs market themselves to find hidden opportunities.

Ah how easy it is to preach!  Now I have to put my money where my mouth is.  Yikes!

The art market landscape is changing, appears to be more democratic. People are actively peddling their wares on the web to make a living, often disregarding galleries or the grant systems in place.  According to an excellent article in The Atlantic, artists are becoming far more entrepreneurial, although in so doing, inadvertently changing the definition of what an artist is.

I have a lot of thinking to do.  Forgive me while I submerge for a while.