...sitting at the computer. 

Darkness cradles my back and the sides of my body. 
An eerie glow etches deep, contrasting shadows on my face. 
I look like the mirror in Disney's Snow While.  

I SHOULD be sleeping but have an uncontrollable urge to create something.  

That would generally be a good thing IF I didn't also have a day job. Alas, I have to sit on my idea until I have the time or energy to explore it further.  Six in the morning is is only four hours away. I have to shelf it for now.

There is a good side to having a "day job". 
  1. It subsidizes the high costs of art materials, and
  2. Nourishes artistic ideas with unrelated experiences to unwittingly spawn unusual associations. Forcing together unrelated or seemingly incompatible perceptions can lead to original concepts by offering new pathways to research. 
To compensate for lack of time, I write things down or doodle. Later, I reevaluate and decide whether an idea is worth pursuing or not. I may choose to postpone resolving an artistic problem, sometimes for years. Special concepts have to simmer for a long, long time. It's all about patience.

Parallel jobs. Ideas at 2 a.m.

Maybe, after I eventually leave my day job, I will weave another thread into 
Rive's 4 a.m. mystery.