What a long frigid winter! Everyone in my entourage is fed up with below zero temperatures and white landscaping. 

Nature has teased us the last few days. Red is doing the "one step forward, one step backward" thing on the climate thermometer, while yellow tries to pierce through endless gray skies. 

Winter's almost over though. A darkish shape is beginning to form in the middle of the bay, which means that water and ice will soon be roaring towards the ocean via the St. Lawrence River.   

I will be happy to see winter evaporate but cannot escape the beauty that is created by Spring storms. Ice adhered to my windows last week and I couldn't help but be impressed at how quickly nature created works of art.  

I decided to play with this one in Corel Painter Essentials and in Gimp. 
Fantastical landscapes evolved.  From winter to summer in one fell swoop.  

Wishful thinking.