Dark chocolate - Coffee - Tea - Yogurt - Cheese - Cold cuts - Barbecue chips - Wine - Low pressure weather systems - Fatigue - Stress

Sounds like a grocery list prepared by a tired meteorologist. T'ain't funny McGee!  This is a row of migraine triggers!  

Many an artist has suffered these headaches. Add one more to the pack.

What I don't understand is why I love what makes me sick. Just thinking of 70% chocolate slowly melting in my mouth makes me salivate. A fleeting moment of ecstasy can lead to three days of throbbing agony. Why is my head suddenly too small for my brain?

Little brown dots with shiny lights float across my eyes while an alien connection grows downwards from my head to my gut. What goes down must come up.

Food is bad enough but then add to the equation a polar vortex from the north pole.  Canada's weather is pretty rock and roll!

Once I thought I was going blind as I peered through fog-filled eyes.
Another time I uttered totally irrelevant words in the middle of an oral presentation.
On another occasion the left side of my face ceased to exist, as if anaesthetised by Novocaine.


I read somewhere that painting helps reduce migraines but without excellent ventilation in the studio, the opposite can happen.  

While extremely painful, there is a good side to this type of headache. Migraines can bring on unusual visual experiences that are invariably stored in the unconscious to surface at the most unexpected of times during the process of art making.  

Nothing is ever all bad. The sense of relief and rejuvenation that happens after a particularly agonizing episode is glorious.  It's all about contrast.