Talk of New Year's resolutions abound in the media. I am obviously overly influenced by the propaganda that comes my way because I always feel compelled to set myself betterment objectives. 

The end of a calendar year often inspires us to contemplate, even dissect the quality of our lives. Internal ramblings might go something like this: I was either too skinny, too wrinkled, too fat, too addicted to technology, too busy. I wasted money on an ugly, useless thing or experience. I didn't exercise enough and will surely die of a stroke or a heart attack.

Blah, blah, blah; 
 negative thinking!

Looking back entails investigating situations, states of being, or actions that made us feel stressed, unhappy, unfulfilled or generally crappy. From this, we attempt, often in vain, to improve our futures through goals that involve incredible self-control, which we may or may not have. 

The activity is not entirely fruitless. Knowing one's weaknesses and foibles allows us to make informed decisions and choices. But in an effort to keep things positive, I suggest looking back at the previous year with a different eye. 

What did you do right?

As 2014 approaches, thoughts of revolution persist.  My slogan?