As an artist who observes and records humanity from a purely subjective point of view, I never cease to be surprised by the behaviour of my fellow homo sapiens.  

I live on the edge of a river.  

In early December, some of the water in the bay begins to freeze over. In the photograph below, it is obvious to me that the water is far from completely frozen because the current is roaring by a short distance away.

Normally, sub-zero weather happens in January, which is generally a good time to determine whether river waters have turned to ice. If there are no cracking noises under my feet, I can be pretty sure that I won't fall through.  

However, some people are far more intrepid. They plunk themselves in the little bay for an ice fishing experience while the deep waters of the Ottawa River tickle the edges of ice that had, only a few days earlier, been in a liquid state.

The trouble with this scenario is that I can't unwind or relax when I see people or doggies on the ice before the river has completely frozen over. I keep wondering when I will have to dial 911. 

Montreal weather being what it is, (wildly oscillating), I can happily report that my angst has all but disappeared. In the past few days, we have been cursed with below freezing temperatures worthy of mid-February, and I can't see the river at all because low pressure systems have walloped the area with countless centimetres of snow. All is white, messy, and devoid of people who like to eat polluted fish and disturb chilly water nymphs.


  1. Yeah, you have to wonder. You are very polite in your wording. Intrepid. I was thinking more of another word ending with pid. There are always new Darwin award candidates; humanity never runs out of these.


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