Mermaids are mythical beings generally portrayed as having the perfectly-proportioned, nude, upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish. Some refer to them as sirens, although technically, a siren is a human/bird combo. The latter are a seductive bunch. Their haunting musical mantra can incite sailors to crash their ships onto rocky shores.  Now that's power!  

For some strange reason, images of bewitching sirens and mermaids have to come to annoy me. I'm particularly tired of seeing foxy female faces with long, flowing, Daryl Hannah hair who make men lose control of their senses.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Long before Darwin, Anaximander (610 – c. 546 BC), spent a lot of his time thinking about the origin of the species and put forth the idea that humans evolved from aquatic animals. His theories were interwoven with delightful fable-like explanations. 

Visually morphing Neptunian beings with women's bodies need not always yield the same result. This merfish sports not only the tail but also the face of a fish. In my humble opinion, those fleshy Revlon lips are enticing enough!