How I feel
As usual, pulling together a solo show is an angst-ridden ride.  

An exhibition opportunity that comes up at the last minute doubles the frenzy. Although I try very hard to remain calm, cool, and collected, I fail miserably.

Some of the works that will be in the show have recently returned from the McIntyre Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan, which sadly, recently closed its doors. I will miss them terribly as they represented me in Western Canada for about twenty years. A class act, they always treated me with great professionalism and respect. 

Change is to be expected because the status quo is invariably temporary. The art world especially, is in a constant state of flux

Last minute preparation for the show includes rummaging through piles of paper works to determine which ones I would like to have framed. Then I must z-o-o-m (I drive a Mazda 3 hatchback so can't really do anything else but zoom-zoom according to the ads), to a framing shop in downtown Montreal. Getting to this particular place is a bit of a schlepp but worth it, because the people who run it are smart! They are secure in the knowledge that we will keep coming back because they offer reasonable pricing to artists.  

I am also trying to finish a couple of paintings before the opening. I have yet to be in a solo show where the paint has completely cured...and I use acrylics!  

All will come together as it should. Off to prepare the price list!