Artists have had muses throughout history. They can be quirky friends, lovers, or individuals whose attributes give rise to artistic inspiration.  

In my experience, a lover has the greatest impact on insight and can be a surprising catalyst for creativity! Paint splatters morph into buzzing, electric nerve endings.  

His wayward hair rivals pale spider silk shining in the autumn sun. His face, a familiar textured map, reveals itself through my fingertips, soft here, rough there, warm, wet, then cool and dry. My heart bellows as I exhale long, unremitting sighs.  "Will you be my muse?" I muse. 

The brain in love is an interesting thing.  Changes happen in the old gray matter and some of these are permanent. Sensations are heightened and we take risks.

Artists are generally extremely sensitive people at the core. Throw love into the mix and riveting work can ensue, assuming of course that the person holding the brush or sculpting tool is able to physically tear themselves away from the object of their devotion or desire.

Hazard a charcoal line that darkens to a deep, rich black, that tears the paper, that burns like a flare on the hottest of highways. Find the "Goodbye Kiss".