The opening was a success!  We received plenty of visitors and had wonderful conversations.

The venue, "l'Entrepôt" in Lachine, is in a very exciting and elegant setting on the waterfront. The exhibition space reveals enormous wood beams and columns that add old world charm to the space (as old as anything can be in Canada)

Before the opening, Claudine and I undertake the very important task of making sure there are enough wine and glasses for the event. 
Left to right - Claudine, Claire, Diane
Here we are, dressed in the proverbial artist's uniform, black.  Colour might clash with the work, non? 


People drifted in and out all evening. After a few hours, my feet firmly objected to standing and I had to sit down. Whew! I blended in quite nicely with the gigantic wood pillar.


Don't forget to sign the book if you visit the show! We love reading your comments.


  1. You look wonderful girls, absolutely wonderful! Congratulations


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