Montreal went through a frigid spell a couple of weeks ago.  How cold was it???  Felt as though the air could snap my nose off! I questioned my sanity after agreeing to visit friends "further north" in the country last weekend...

...but I'm so glad I went! 

The sun was glorious. Our boots made that familiar crackling sound as we trudged though the snow during our walks. A flaming fireplace, amazing food, and great company awaited us when we returned to the cottage. 

This beautiful creature was the last thing we saw as we drove up the lane to return home. A group of his/her deer friends blended into the colours of the surrounding landscape, their legs echoing the shapes of tree trunks.

Exquisite camouflage!  

I doodled a bit while sitting in front of the fire using a pen with a VERY tiny nib.

Today I decided to play with my doodle (why does that sound like something I shouldn't be doing?) using Photoshop and Corel Draw.  Some interesting things emerged.

I applied a bit of colour and repeated selected shapes, tried a circular interpretation, which I then incorporated into colour rendering 2. 

A neat thing happened when I enlarged the doodle and combined it with with the photograph of the deer.  

I think I may have the beginning of next year's Christmas card!