When drawing from the model, I have to develop rapport to get a sense of who the person really is.
Finding a model with an expressive personality is not always easy. Actors and dancers generally make outstanding subjects because they are not afraid to infuse their poses (in some cases their faces) with drama. Individuals are like onions. It is necessary to peel layer after layer to discover multiple facets of a personality.

Many characters reside in all of us. Drawing quickly gives me a direct line to the psyche. I don't want to think too much as I get to know the model. Individuality often comes with the first few lines I set down. 


In sorting through my many drawings (I still have hundreds to group and/or cull), I have found that in a few, I have captured core aspects of the person posing for me. 


In this post, I will focus on the male models who have inspired me with their theatricality or attitude. Goddesses will come later!


Many of these wonderful models have moved on to find work in other cities because they go where the gigs are. I have fond memories and a beautiful record of these extraordinary people who nourished my art with their intelligence and presence. They, as always, have my heartfelt appreciation and profound respect.  

  Posing is a really hard job.