Culling is not an entirely negative process. By photographing artwork before its transformation into waste, I keep a record of what I might want to use again as a resource for future pieces or for image transfers. The editing process is tedious and emotional. Making art is a visceral experience but so is its destruction. This face in my recycle bin is bidding me "a fond farewell." 

Scientists have determined that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  In the spirit of this theory, I am trashing sketches that will probably end up as "new and improved" biodegradable toilet paper made with 20% recycled fibers and conté de Paris.

While I may hum "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye" as I cull,  fact is that my mind is racing at the thought of breathing new life into old matter. Collages will most likely evolve from works done on high quality paper but digital manipulation of the face in my recycle bin is already lighting a few sparks!

An amazing visual reference library is emerging at my disposal. It's all in how you look at things; the glass must remain half full.