Muscles are sore that I never knew I had.  Only about half of my paintings have been moved and they are piled high in the future studio because a storage area has not yet been built.  Drawings, and there are heaps of those, are still to come.

The grass mower will be schlepped from one property to the other on a regular basis until I am permanently  transplanted.

The experience of moving has been a journey of discovery. I have had to come to terms with the fact my energy level is not what it was 14 years ago when I last moved. My left foot swells in lament from carrying too many boxes.

My bamboo stylus has temporarily disappeared so I am using my mouse (rat?) to draw digitally.  Results are not very refined.

In all fairness, joyous moments have surfaced during this saga.

The movers were an entertaining trio of funky personalities worthy of a weekly sitcom. I was aghast at how they could carry three extremely heavy boxes of books by piling them on their backs like pack animals. They told me it was easier to do it that way.
I cooled off in the pool when my legs burned from standing too long and I managed a quickie drawing using a "sketchpad app" on an iPad.  What a load of fun that gadget is! 

The outdoor environment is wild at the new place. I saw an audacious racoon knock over the front yard bird bath to have a drink of cool water. The following day, two racoons climbed high in a tree and shrieked furiously at one another like cats in heat! A "marmotte", which is basically an oversized rodent, casually roamed from from the shed to the property next door, and I heard ducks quacking in the early neat is that?

Tomorrow I return to my day job.  As much as I love it, I wish I could stay here a bit longer to meet all the other creatures I will be sharing my life with.  


  1. It all sounds very wonderful to me Diane. Where is this country place and is it condusive to making art. Carol

  2. The fascinating thing is that this gem is in town, 7 minutes from where I lived before. A drive up a 200 foot narrow lane and you are in a busy area. It will most certainly be an influence. Not sure where it will take me but as usual, I will go with the flow.


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