Man!!!  Where does all this stuff come from?  The house is bad enough but the studio!!  I seriously hope that I will not have to go through a move for another 14 years.

I am culling, but not enough.  I hope to "edit" more when I am finally in the new abode.  Initially, I put things aside because I just can't bear to part with them. Then  a few days later, I look at what I put "into that pile" and mutter to myself "What the heck was I thinking?" Tell me why I find it necessary to keep and consequently move the Parisian museum pass I purchased last September?

Souvenirs are hard to shake because they nourish our memories. Am I going to forget the details of that trip?  Yes, probably, but so what?  The most important things to remember are the smells of a place, the feelings that surface as I experience the obscene opulence of Le Palais de Versailles, the very old, North African man who owned and managed the budget hotel I stayed at. He loved to chat and chewed my ear off with right wing stories. As I left by taxi to catch my plane in the wee, dark hours of the morning, I saw him trudging earnestly to work, his body slanted at a 60 degree angle towards the hotel. His business kept him alive.

SHREDDING is another major component of moving! Apart from being time consuming, chopping up old papers also dredges up the past.  Why have I kept the records of a purchase for a car that I no longer own?  I bought my present one to replace the previous rust bucket. (For those of you not familiar with Québec winters, the salt put on the roads to prevent our cars from slipping and sliding into another soul's impeccable BMW just eats through our cars in within 10 years or so despite diligent rust proofing). 

Shredded paper is lovely though. A beautiful abstract composition emerges from my old cell phone bills. 

I need a little break from packing and play with the photograph I took of shredded bills. The composition becomes more abstract in Photoshop and loses some of its colour. While interesting on its own, I decide to use it as a background for one of my drawings. I slide the drawing over it and apply pastel shades to create another sleeper for my upcoming exhibit.  

Now I must return to the chore at hand.  Wonder what other beautiful shapes and textures will find their way into my work?