I recently participated in a group exhibition entitled Exquisite Corpse at the Galerie Ouest in Ste-Anne-de Bellevue, Quebec.

The results of this Surrealist game were interesting.  Three of us (Claudine Ascher, Bev Wight and I) combined separate panels of our work to create 3 new figures.  

My original figure looked like this:

and our combined elements ended up looking like this:

I had heaps of fun playing with preliminary sketches done in pen and watercolour. The characters I created within the confines of the imposed dimensions evolved into “grotesqueries” due to their alien body proportions.

A “grotesque” image tends to include distortion and is frequently seen in satirical or ironic caricature. It’s liberating to draw or paint without worrying about whether the final product will be beautiful or not.


What inspires me?  Life’s naughty little monsters: those that continue to materialize in my dreams; that I see on the six o’clock news; or that romp about in the underworld of the universal psyche.